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Hora de Santa Catarina e-commerce V2 - In development - App Mob and Web System.

current Web version - https://horadigital.com.br/

current App version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nsc.ahoradigital

Next 2021 e-commerce version Web System and App Mob - Working on the project as a hired employee.

UX/ UI, Prototype and Design creating and implement Front-end Dev.

  • Using tools:
    Gimp, Gravit Design, Figma, ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Cognito, AntDesign, AWS, NextJS, GraphQL.

Alone member in project - Implement UX Research, UI, interfaces, prototiping with Figma and Framer andimplement the Front-end with ReactJS, React Native and AntDesign as a hired employee from Lab member from NSC ComunicaƧƵes and Network Television.

Some images of the current version of the Mobile application and Web System as well as the initial prototyping of the next version in figma approved by the responsible department of the company.