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Introduce about

I'm Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, and I have two Bachelor's degrees in Systems Analysis and Web Development and a Postgraduate degree in Interaction Design (UX and UI).

I've lot of Technical Courses too. My professional experience over the years turned me into a professional dedicated in Usability, Interface Design Creation circuit, and in the last year's(2015), Front-end Development. I'm the right professional to create Usability with Design optimized for Development and implement this into the Front-end using most common Front-end technologies and languages from market.

I also have a special Skill as a Web Designer because I've been working as a Web Designer since the '90s, before starting the Front and Back-end segmentation fashion.

My Linkedin profile has my professional recent history and "here up" you can also download my CV.

+18 Years Experience Working

Throughout my history, I have worked for many companies in different cities, whether working formally, providing services or doing volunteer work, I learned a lot from this experience and became a better professional and human being.

What I do best

I have several skills that I will acquire with years of profession, but what I have dedicated myself to in the last years are...

Front-end Dev

Until 2015 when until then I was considered Senior Web Designer, I started my natural migration to Front-end development. Since then, I have been tirelessly dedicated to developing my programming side.

UI/UX design

Since the 90's I have been working without interruption on interactive user interfaces. Prototyping in started with on hands drawing. When the terms took over the market, I already had years of experience, so I formally specialized in that.

Web design

I started working with website development in the late 90s and since then I have never stopped working on websites. Being a Web Designer is a passion and a beautiful plus professional working with Front-end.

Design to Code

Here is just an important detail that permeates my work. From user experience to front-end development, the entire design process is created with beauty, usability and optimized to be productive when programming interfaces.

Some work's. just some...

Some projects die, some are just experiences, others are projects created from studies and several others are from a time that is behind us. Here I expose a little of my works or projects that I participated in at some point or version.

You will be able to see older works in my portfolio for Behance, clicking here

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NSC Total App

UX, Prototyping, Code Manitence: App and Web, AMP

Corona Vírus Map from Santa Catarina State

Web Site SSG and SSR using NextJS and Leaflet Frameworks with Google Sheets API.

Hora from Santa Catarina

Web System, Site and Mobile App.


UX and UI, Design and Prototyping

NIX Nexxera

UX/ UI & Dev (2015 -2017)

Caridade Hospital Management

ReactJS, Ant Design, MYSQL and Adonis

Whoever worked with me speaks

I made many relationships in the years of work going through the companies. I'm glad I made a good impression with all of them. You can see these recommendations on my Linkedin profile.